Yoga and Wellness Events in Florida

Couples Yoga Retreats Coming Soon to Orlando, Florida

We created Enlightening Couples™ for couples to share a highly intellectually stimulating event, with other couples, who have similar interests and thoughts on life.

Time for couples to get away and reconnect at a higher level.  Ending old habits while creating new and healthy lifestyle choices together.

Learning Couples AcroYoga and Partner Massage

Learn Massage Techniques and AcroYoga Poses with Your Partner

Learn massage techniques for your partner, and yourself, in new and helpful ways from a highly experienced massage therapist.

Learn AcroYoga with your partner which has strengthening benefits, stretching benefits, massage benefits, and partner teamwork benefits.


This Class of Fun, and Enlightenment, was created as a mind-opening, mind, body, energy, vibration and frequency, experience to enhance your relationship together.

PRACTICE OR PLAYFUL, Your Choice of Yoga Challenge

We will have a "Playful Side" of the room for those who are beginners to Yoga, or just who are here to enjoy the ride with their partner.

There will be a "Practice Side" of the room for more guests looking to deepen their Yoga practice.  No matter your level, we embrace You, as You are, with no judgement!

Each class has new information, yoga poses, meditations, and massage points, that will allow you to experience new things with other couples in a safe, fun educational and physical environment.

One Hour of Massage Each Day

One Hour of Massage Each Day

On Days 2 & 4, Each Guest Receives a One Hour Professional Massage from a Licensed Massage Therapist on each of the days.

On Days 1 & 3, Each Couple Will Be Taught to Perform Different Styles of Massages on Their Partner for One Hour on each of the days.

Enlightened Couples Organic Chef Prepared Meals

Chef Prepared Meals

Fresh Organic Ingredients with Vegan and Protein Options are Provided.

Optional Cooking Lessons on all Meals with the Chef, and you get the Recipes.

These are easy recipes for you to add to your at home healthy eating habits.

DETOX TOGETHER - This Retreat is a Fresh Start and Reset to Your Mind, Body and Spirit.


This Retreat is a Fresh Start and Reset to Your Mind, Body and Spirit. Breaking the Habits of Cell Phones, Social Media, Emails, Texts, TV, & Electronics.

Body Movements Re-balancing Your Systems through different types of Yoga and Massage.

Enlightening Your Mind with new creative flowing ideas during meditations and mindfulness.

Fueling Your Cells with fresh organic foods, while learning to prepare the meals by the Chef.

Craft Classes to Make Chakra Necklaces and Bracelets

Craft Classes to Make Chakra Necklaces and Bracelets

Find the energetic meanings for the crystal chakra beads, and make your own personalized bracelet and necklace.

Mix several different types of beads for different intentions.

They are made with durable rubber cording to easily stretch it on, or off, and should last for years.