Yoga and Wellness Events in Florida

Englightening Couples - Couples Only Retreat - Cocoa Beach, Florida

Learning Couples AcroYoga and Partner Massage


Enlightened Couples Organic Chef Prepared Meals

One Hour of Massage Each Day


Learn Partner AcroYoga Together at Enlightening Couples Retreat in Florida


Banana River Resort in Cocoa Beach, Florida


Detoxing Together on Technology, Phones, Email, Social Media, Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Organic Food


Daily Meditation, Mindfulness and Breathwork


Create Custom Crystal Chakra Necklaces & Bracelets for Your Energetic Needs.


Learn Partner Massage Together at Enlightening Couples Retreat in Florida


Enlightening Couples™ - Yoga, AcroYoga, Meditation, Massage, Health & Wellness in Florida

Events July 24-28, 2024 and September 18-22, 2024 in Cocoa Beach, Florida

Orlando, Florida Events Coming Soon.

Learning Couples AcroYoga and Partner Massage

Learn Massage Techniques and AcroYoga Poses with Your Partner

Learn massage techniques for your partner, and yourself, in new and helpful ways from a highly experienced massage therapist.

Learn AcroYoga with your partner which has strengthening benefits, stretching benefits, massage benefits, and partner teamwork benefits.


This Class of Fun, and Enlightenment, was created as a mind-opening, mind, body, energy, vibration and frequency, experience to enhance your relationship together as couples.

PRACTICE OR PLAYFUL, Your Choice of Yoga Challenge

We will have a "Playful Side" of the room for those who are beginners to Yoga, or just who are here to enjoy the ride with their partner.

There will be a "Practice Side" of the room for more guests looking to deepen their Yoga practice.  No matter your level, we embrace You, as You are, with no judgement!

Each class has new information, crystals, poses, and massage points, that will allow you to experience new things with other committed couples in a safe, fun educational and physical environment.

DETOX TOGETHER - This Retreat is a Fresh Start and Reset to Your Mind, Body and Spirit.


This Retreat is a Fresh Start and Reset to Your Mind, Body and Spirit. Breaking the Habits of Cell Phones, Social Media, Emails, Texts, TV, & Electronics.

Body Movements Re-balancing Your Systems through different types of Yoga and Massage.

Enlightening Your Mind with new creative flowing ideas during meditations and mindfulness.

Fueling Your Cells with fresh organic foods, while learning to prepare the meals by the Chef.


Enjoy a unique variety of yoga poses and exercises to assist you in re-balancing your body when you need it most. Tasks we do each day take a toll on your mind, body and spirit, seemingly mundane tasks like sitting at your desk, using your keyboard and mouse and especially texting. Those who spend a lot of time on your phones are familiar with an ache in your neck, nicknamed "Text Neck". In addition to learning workarounds for your aches and pains, physical and spiritual, that many of us have. There are a variety of no equipment exercises that may bring you much needed relief you have been seeking.


Proper breathing helps oxygenate your blood to fuel your cells, and to remove waste from your system. Learn proper breathing techniques, with some controlled breath work, to get the most of your class today, and to utilize throughout your daily life.

Daily Meditation, Mindfulness and Breathwork

Meditations, Mindfulness and Breathwork

Taking time for you and your partner to reconnect and re-balance your lives together.

Breathwork during your meditations enhances your mindfulness. 

Learning to move oxygen through your body is an important part of healing.


Discover the joy of Partner Yoga! Acroyoga is perfect for everyone, regardless of your yoga experience. You and your partner will try yoga poses together, learn to breathe in sync, and even meditate side by side. It's all about teamwork: you'll help each other stretch deeper and find balance, all while building a stronger connection.

Learning Partner AcroYoga Together

Can my partner be one of my friends, if I am not a couple?

Yes, in Yoga many people are comfortable working with other Yoga Partners in AcroYoga Poses and in Massage.

That being said, it is fine as long as you are both comfortable, and are wanting to learn together.


We will have a group meditation to help learn proper meditation techniques you can utilize as a couple or by yourself.


Each day every guest will choose a rock or crystal from the box. They will receive a list of benefits associated with that rock or crystal. We will discuss the list of benefits, and promote everyone to carry the rock or crystal with them to note any perceived benefits from the list, or any other benefits they may have realized.

Banana River Resort in Cocoa Beach, Florida

Paddleboarding and Kayaking

The Banana River Resort offers Paddle Boards and Kayaks for you to enjoy during your stay. 

The water temperature of Banana River and of the Atlantic Ocean should be around the mid 80's, perfect for summertime fun.

Learn Partner Massage

Learn Massage With Your Partner

Learn different ways to massage your partner, and on different parts of the body.

It is all about giving and receiving of which both are healing.

Supporting and energizing each other on many different levels.

Enlightened Couples Organic Chef Prepared Meals

Chef Prepared Meals

Fresh Organic Ingredients with Vegan and Protein Options are Provided.

Optional Cooking Lessons on all Meals with the Chef, and you get the Recipes.

These are easy recipes for you to add to your at home healthy eating habits.